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Host: Sylvia Henderson



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Personal, professional, and business development and life skills programming with a focus on human interest.

Think About It!

(A Personal Development and Community Interest
Talk Show on MMC-TV Channel 16)
Host: Sylvia Henderson


We’re back on the air!


     Welcome to the Think About It! website. “Think About It!” is a program that provides business, professional, and personal development and life interest programming with a focus on a human perspective.

     What in the world does this mean, you ask?

     Well, I (Sylvia Henderson) am a writer, speaker, and trainer who works with organizations and individuals in the areas of professionalism, work ethics, and leadership. I also do some motivational speaking on “success principles”. As I work with clients, talk to people, read the news, and watch various media, the messages I repeatedly receive tell me something is missing that you want to hear and have: positive messages, concrete information about topics (rather than “fluff”), and ways in which you can explore a range of viewpoints on a diverse set of topics.

     “Hmmmm”, says I. I can provide the above if I have a forum in which to do so. I approached MMC-TV and the station manager and staff said, “Let’s do it”. So here we are.


Program Airs: Montgomery Municipal Cable Channel 16
(Comcast and Verizon Cable Subscribers)
- Mondays at 10:00PM (1/2-Hour)
Thursdays at 8:30PM (1/2-Hour)

     What can you expect to see when you tune-in to “Think About It!” (which of course you will now set as a weekly “must see” on your VCR or digital recorder)?

     The sky’s the limit! Cliche, yet appropriate. “Think About It!” defies typecasting in terms of gender, ethnicity, culture, belief, political affiliation, lifestyle, subject matter, and other neat boxes we tend to want to fit things into. And don’t look at my picture to make a judgment as to the type of programming we offer. Just because I’m Black/African-American and female means little in terms of program topics and who are my guests.


     Our goal is to provide you with information and points of view about a range of topics that fall under “personal development”, “professional development”, “business development”, and “life skills” labels. We present topics of interest to business people, independent professionals, stay-at-home family managers, educators (and youth), and however else you define the demographics of Montgomery County, MD and the subscribers to the services that transmit this program.

     Tune into the show each week. Take the topics that we cover, research them some more (by coming to this website and checking the “Topic Resources” section), talk about them with others, and...well...Think About It! If you learn something new, consider a different perspective, convey a point you find interesting to someone else, remain curious about “What’s next?”, and communicate with me through the E-Mail and “Communicate w/Host” sections of this site, then you cause us to be successful.


     Explore this site. And more importantly, tune-in weekly (to MMC-TV), take what you see and hear...and...“Think About It!”. Let me know that you do.


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