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“Think About It!”
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Different programming; still personal & professional development.
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Personal, professional, and business development and life skills programming with a focus on human interest.

Host Bio: Sylvia Henderson

     Sylvia Henderson is the Founder and Chief Everything Officer (CEO) of Springboard Training. Springboard Training. She is your expert on the “people skills” (interpersonal skills) for workplace, business, professional...and life success.

     Sylvia is an author, workshop facilitator, trainer, speaker...and television host. She resides and runs her business in Montgomery County, MD.


Business contact information:

Springboard Training. PO Box 588, Olney, MD 20830-0588


Website: Springboard Training



Website: Success Language (Program and Resources)



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Website: Success Camp, USA



Profile: Self Growth.com

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Oh yes! She’s a motorcycle enthusiast (and rider), also. Past National President of Women On Wheels™ Motorcycle Association, at that. You’ll see her tooling around Montgomery County and beyond on her black-and-chrome Honda Shadow 1100 cruiser.
Please...look out for motorcyclists!

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